BrightBlue! That's Me!

Hi there! I'm BrightBlue. Well, on the Midnight I am. In real life I'm kind of a peachy-reddish color.

I'm Nate, though. Nice to meet you.


For sixteen years I was a software developer type. Now I'm more of a manager type, after spending two years getting an MBA. I still write code, but now I do it for fun instead of for profit.


This little quote has been my guiding star for years. It's advice I need, rather than advice I'm good at, which is why I have to keep coming back to it:

Such power there is in clear-eyed self restraint --James Russell Lowell


I've been around the internet for a while, here are some places you might see me:

My self-hosted Gemini Capsule
My Mastodon account
Me on GitHub
My currently-most-active blog